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Vitra Typecasting

| Designbest editorial staff


uch more than exhibition on design icons. One of the top events of the 2018 Fuorisalone in Milan. Vitra Typecasting, curated by Austrian designer/artist Robert Stadler, cannot be split into precise categories: it is an installation, an exhibition, an event, an overview of the world of interior design and the symbols that it represents.

200 objects exhibited as ideograms, they create a path of reflections that is not linear at all but rich in surprising intuitions. This is not an easy event to read. It forces us to deepen in contrast with the urgency dictated by the Social and the Fuorisalone itself.

It is certainly a free reinterpretation of "familiar" objects, free from the traditional categories of time and form-function. Here we analyse the personality of furniture, its ability to narrate relationships, references and projections in the virtual era.

Vitra Typecasting is a sort of snapshot of the brain’s virtual image archive and how it combines with each other. Ultimately, it represents who we are. The furniture we surround ourselves with and love tells us about. And they do it with a fluid dynamism and for free associations.

Vitra’s latest pieces are on display surrounded by 200 other objects, as well as prototypes, limited edition pieces, ideas and visions for the future. The videos accompanying the event offer unusual and close up points of view on the details of the works on display, as well as telling 'stories' of projects that have never been completed but are fundamental for their impact on the evolution of contemporary design.

In era of Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, the furniture project needs to recover the value of what is beyond the pure image. A carefully designed object contrasts with the virtual instant and recalls nostalgic memories of creative processes calibrated on "watches" that combine the time of research with the formal synthesis of the object. This is probably the only way to continue to believe in design as an expressive form of everyday human beings. In continuous evolution.

Vitra has built its credibility and value by acting as a 'cultural' interpreter of the design phenomenon. To the point of becoming an indispensable point of reference for contemporary debate. And in Milan, once again, this is confirmed.


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