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Time Table: the art of fine dining in Torino

| Designbest editorial staff


t’s dinner time at Palazzo Madama in Torino. Time Table. A tavola nei secoli (dining through the ages) is an exciting new exhibition, which will run from the 24th June until the 18th September 2015. Learn about the art of fine dining; on a journey through aristocratic banquets and bourgeois supper-parties. Here, six lavish tables are decked with an impressive 180 decorative pieces, following the radius of each table-top and laid like the hands of a clock. This is the art of fine dining with all of its rituals, which tell stories of times gone by.

In fact, this exhibition, held at the Sala del Senato of Palazzo Madama, is a real journey through time. You will learn about the art of entertaining and all of its social rituals, which have always been consumed in front of frugal dishes or tasty recipes.

It’s not worth denying it: tables have always been the perfect places for sharing, chatting, relaxing and a chance to get together with family and friends. However, they are also a place where you can make important decisions, encouraging affections and relationships. Here, each and every one of us, is bound, sooner or later, to wind up.

Time Table takes us from Medieval to Renaissance banquets, from lavish Eighteenth century dinners to colourful tables popular in the Twentieth century among the middle-classes. Plates, cups, soup tureens, bottles, glasses and even one of a kind pieces like  “a sorpresa” china blend seamlessly with musical instruments, board games, furniture and period fashions. This spectacular display was designed by Roberto Piana in partnership with Studio2fashion.    

Here, a variety of different colours and scents come together; this is both enchanting and captivating. It’s almost like we are hearing the voices and noises of other fellow diners. Moreover, the many videos and recipes on display help you to get a feel (even if through your imagination) for dinners cooked by celebrity chefs like Matteo Baronetto and Guido Gobino.

Virginia Wolf once famously said “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”.  And if culture feeds our soul, why shouldn’t we take advantage of this incredible opportunity? In the midst of special activities and events, two celebrity chefs are waiting for us (so, in the end there will be three) for a true gastronomic happening…held in a museum.



Where: Palazzo Madama, Torino

When: 24 June – 18 October 2015 

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