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Exhibition 'Toiletpaper' - Galeries Lafayette Paris  (partner: Seletti e Gufram)

| Designbest editorial staff


ertainly, those of you who are regulars in Paris will know that the iconic department store Galeries Lafayette is a mandatory stop. This is the place to be, whether if you want to go wild during the summer sales, or if you happen to enjoy its architecture with its majestic central dome. Currently, you have another reason to do so. In fact, the creative duo formed by designer Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari has set up a new exhibition: Toiletpaper.

What’s it about? This is a three-part exhibition series, which includes a window display, an exhibition at the Galerie des Galeries and an installation under the large dome. Toiletpaper comes from an idea by the text-free magazine by the same name, started by Maurizio and Pierpaolo in 2010. In fact, until the 27th July 2016, the Galeries Lafayette will serve as a backdrop for eleven different images, which will add a colourful note to Boulevard Haussmann. The images on display are inspired by summer, romanticism and the French capital, all of them are surreal and paradoxical. This is what we have: the Eiffel Tower which towers on a desert island, a romantic-looking young man courting his girlfriend with a steak and a lady surrounded by fantastical objects.

On until the 10th September 2016, exhibition TP-rama will be on display at the Galerie des Galeries with two Italian brands known for their bold aesthetics, Gufram and Seletti, which interpret which a touch of irony traditional Parisian style. This colourful and vibrant display includes: tin plates, porcelain dinnerware sets, umbrellas, mirrors and chairs in Carrara marble, as well as absurd, fun and shocking pieces. 

Furthermore, an installation under the dome, which will be on until the 27th August 2016, is the third and last part of this event: a huge Eiffel Tower with two golden balls at either sides. With this exhibition, Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari tear down the elegant and polished appearance of the city of Paris, turning it into a bold, fun and vane streetscape: an unconventional artistic vision, destined to be a real crowd pleaser.


Where: Galeries Lafayette, 40 BD Haussmann, 75009 Paris, France

When: Window display: 6 July – 27July 2016 / Installation: 6 July – 27 August 2016 / TP-rama: 6 July – 10 September 2016

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