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| Designbest editorial staff


veritable dream world, or to put it better, a magical land where dream toys are made for kids by other kids. There’s a new exhibition at the Triennale Design Museum: Toyissimi – 100 bambini + 100 designer = 100 giocattoli straordinari e anche di più. Toyissimi will run from the 24th July  until the 11th September and is destined to be a real crowd pleaser. All the toys on show are made by children cared for by a number of different pediatric wards, in Milan and in other Italian cities, by young group-home guests or by school kids, which have taken part in various workshops held by Scuola Tam Tam (a free-of-charge visual activities workshop, born from an idea by Alessandro Guerriero, Alessandro Mendini, Riccardo Dalisi and Giacomo Ghidelli) and by Vespaio, an association of professionals working in the fields of sustainability and eco-design.

This intriguing and amusing venture takes place at the TDMEducation – La Balena space and is set up like a real game. In fact, form the bags of the different designers, which have taken part in this project, popped-out: different lengths of string, wire, glue, lollipop sticks, plastic tops and off-cuts from different suppliers. Then, each designer joined up with a child and together they designed and built their ideal toy. Undoubtedly, the underlying theme is a desire to let your creativity and imagination run wild. And it doesn’t surprise us one bit that the outcome are magical and unique pieces, surprising and unconventional.  

As soon as you step inside La Balena, you find yourself in an amazing and whimsical land, where pictures and sketches take tell the journey behind each toy. These pieces will definitely wake up the child within you and push you to have fun, taking life as one big game. And all this has happen, before we have even started to look at the toys.  

At the end of our mesmerizing experience we have found it extremely difficult to choose a winner or even to decide, which of the toys was our favourite. It’s also very important to highlight that at the closing party, all toys will be auctioned-off and proceedings will be devolved to Amani, a non-profit organization which works with Kenyan and Zambian orphans. We are ready to seize this opportunity and take home one or more of these wonderful toys, which have made us dream!  


Where: TDMEducation – La Balena, Triennale di Milano

When: 24th July 2015 – 11th September 2015

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