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Ugo La Pietra: "Istruzioni per abitare la città. Opere e ricerche nell’ambiente urbano dal 1969 al 2017" (credits: CICA Foligno)

| Designbest editorial staff


he exhibition Istruzioni per abitare la città. Opere e ricerche nell’ambiente urbano dal 1969 al 2017 (Instructions for experiencing the city. Works and studies on the urban setting from 1969 to 2017) is on at the CIAC (Italian Centre for Contemporary Art in Foligno) from March 24th until the 30th.

Curated by Italo Tomassoni, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio and Giancarlo Partenzi, the exhibition focuses on eclectic designer and artist Ugo La Pietra and illustrates his views on urban environment. 

Twelve research topics are explained through specific instructions that offer us the right key to interpreting each work; namely more than a hundred subjects including two-dimensional works, videos, 3D objects and an installation. These instructions, which are the underlying thread of Ugo La Pietra's way of working, translate into a new definition of the relationship between man and environment.

It is no coincidence that at the entrance there are two urban installation projects dedicated to one of the excellences of the city of Foligno, namely the first printed edition of the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri.  At the centre of the space, on the other hand, is the Casa Aperta, a full-scale structure with furnishings created following Ugo La Pietra's "Design Reconversion": elements of urban decor becoming part of the interior design scheme. Finally, at the end of the exhibition there are screenings of films by Ugo La Pietra: For today (1974), The re-appropriation of the city (1977), Public interventions for the city of Milan (1979).

This exhibition provides a useful insight into Ugo La Pietra's professional career and reveals, through his most significant works, his philosophy: "observing society is the best way to design spaces".


Where: CIAC, via Del Campanile 13, Foligno, Italy

When: 24 March -  30 September  2018


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