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Caesar Urban Lab

| Designbest editorial staff


aesar, the Italian firm from Fiorano Modenese, central Italy, has just opened a new showroom in central London, right in the heart of the Clerkenwell design district. And this space is called Urban Lab. Urban Lab has become a key international stage for the most cutting-edge pieces the world of ceramics has to offer, as well as being a meeting place for architects and designers.

Urban Lab extends over two floors. Materials are displayed on the ground floor;  this space welcomes visitors with a variety of different design ideas, inspired by traditional Italian architecture. The second floor was especially designed for holding meetings and conferences. Here, designers and professionals can meet, exchange different ideas, discuss technical issues and offer their counsel.

With its top-quality porcelain stoneware tiles, manufactured in a sustainable way and “Made in Italy” from start to finish, Urban Lamp has rapidly become a key international platform. Furthermore, expert professionals will guide you through a vast array of customized and bespoke pieces, guaranteed to suit all your needs and requirements.


Where: 17/18 Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell, London, U.K

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