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| Designbest editorial staff


had to and I wanted to travel...therefore, I traveled a lot around the world”. These were the words of Vico Magistretti, an extremely cosmopolitan Italian architect and designer. What's more, there's a new exhibition on Magistretti at the Fondazione Studio Museo Vico Magistretti, Milan: Ho girato il mondo ( the literal Italian for “I travelled around the world”), Ho girato il mondo, set up by Paolo Ulian and overseen by Rosanna Pavoni,will run from the 26th March until the 29th December 2015. This exhibition shows the two main passions of Magistretti: travel and design. Here, you will learn about his travels, between 1947 and 1960, and his design work, between 1959 and 1986, chiefly inspired by what he captured along his journeys. 

Many black and white photographs and over 200 test-shoots (mounted on a single video) tell the story of Magistretti both as a young traveller and as an inquisitive tourist. This collection tells the story of his adventures in Argentina, Cile and day-to-day life in  Perù, however it also captures the architecture of cities like New York and London and the landscapes of France, Spain and Italy. Simple details, but with a theatrical sense about them; just like that photograph of a floor with a geometric pattern and that of a timber-framed chair typical of rural settings. And all this, becomes a source of inspiration for Magsitretti.

There are also many notes about his journeys and personal experiences: they help to describe Magistretti's work as an architect, designer and project manager, defined by a maturity beyond his years, a touch of genius and true innovation. Three architectural projects on display: the Techint building in Buenos Aires, the Cerutti 1981 showroom in Paris and the Tanimoto house in Tokyo. You will immediately get a sense for his personal style defined by acute inspiration and innovative vision. What's more, you will learn even more if you use a tablet, also available at the exhibition: each project is illustrated by a series of previously unseen reports, sketches, drawings and articles, taken from a variety of different publications.

Ho girato il mondo shows the two complementary sides of this genius; a designer which has left his mark on the world with clean-cut geometry and with his meticulous attention to detail, often taking his public by surprise. In fact, we have Vico in his free time, looking for constant inspiration and Vico at work, collected and precise. Two aspects of this great master which are worth analysing in greater depth.


When:  26March 2015 - 29 December 2015

Where: Fondazione Studio Museo Vico Magistretti, Milan

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