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Vito Nesta at Genoa’s Palazzo Reale

| Designbest editorial staff


enoa’s Palazzo Reale is paying homage to the designer Vito Nesta with the exhibition Diario di un designer. Sessantanove giorni nel segno di Vito Nesta (Diary of a designer. Sixty-nine days in the name of Vito Nesta). The exhibition, curated by Alessandro Valenti and Luca Parodi in collaboration with the Department of Architecture and Design at the University of Genova, will open on June 17th, 2021 and is the museum’s first show dedicated to a contemporary designer.

The vernissage, which is part of the program of Genova Design Week taking place from June 17-21, shows the work of the designer in two parallel itineraries. On the one hand there is the installation/account of his days spent in lockdown; on the other hand, there is an overview of Genoa housing through contemporary objects and furniture that play off of the museum’s historic pieces.

In the Galleria degli Specchi, a table hosts one-hundred dishes which became pages in a diary during the sixty-nine days spent in isolation at home. Various compositional motifs express those days’ sensations, moods, recollections and everyday changes observed from the window. This mix gives life to a figurative, abstract and imaginative world that gets blended and confused with reality amongst ancestral beauty, nature and graphical geometries. In the museum’s other rooms, Vito Nesta’s distinctive trait is set among frescoes and stuccoes and offers us a subtle interplay of allusions and mimesis, where objects and small accessories become the highlights of unique and surprising scenes. The table by Studio F, the limited-edition pouf by Tappezzerie Druetta covered with Rubelli fabrics, the Turquerie carpet designed for Les-Ottomans, and the iconic Grand Tour vases communicate with the space and take us on a collective story made up of emotions, style and dreamlike sensations.


Where: Palazzo Reale, Genoa, Italy
When: June 17 – September 26, 2021

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