Water Design 2015 (installazione  'Waterway' di Piero Lissoni, in collaborazione con Geberit)

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n the last few years, Cersaie has also come to mean Bologna Water Design, however this time there’s something new on the horizon. In fact, this water themed event, which used to enliven the city of Bologna in central Italy, has now moved to Milan. Water Design 2015, now in its fifth edition, will be at the Castello Sforzesco until the 11th October.

Like in past editions, Water Design 2015 will be rich in dates, events, art installations and shows; it brings together some of the most important names in the international architecture and design scenes. The Festival dell’ Acqua (water festival) will be in Piazza d’Armi, the Castello Sforzesco’s main courtyard, while the Rocchetta and the Corte Ducale courtyards will become impromptu stages for the many installations of Water Design 2015. And this year, the overall theme is sustainability and wellbeing.

You’ve got to catch Waterway by Piero Lissioni for Geberit, an installation which looks into alternative ways of preserving water, our most precious natural resource. And what’ s it about? Piero Lissoni, in partnership with the landscape designer Stefano Baccari, has built in the Castello Sforzesco’s Rocchetta courtyard, a pond filled with water plants. Here, plants act as key factors in regenerating water; this experiment shows that you can purify grey water by reducing 70% of wastage, in a completely natural way. What’s more, Waterway is also of suggestive poetical beauty.  

CasAcqua by Patricia Urquiola is also another installation inspired by nature and sustainability: intertwining tubes and circuits and then waterfalls and vapours, referencing kitchen and bathroom drainage. Even here, plants purify grey water through phytopurification; this is a natural process which uses plants for biological depuration.

Yet again, Water Design 2015 stresses that water is undeniably the most precious resource we have.

Where: al Castello Sforzesco, Milano

When: dal 2 all’11 ottobre 2015

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