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Zanotta tribute to Castiglioni brothers

| Designbest editorial staff


anotta pays tribute to the Castiglioni brothers with a unique exhibition, which shows the most iconic pieces especially designed for the brand. The pieces on display are real masterpieces of Italian design and the fact that they are still being manufactured is proof of this. In Zanotta’s  Milan showroom, objects appear to be dancing in mid air in a sort of narrative display, designed by architects Calvi and Brambilla.

This exhibition brings together humour, inquisitiveness, experimentation and a wish to amaze (and to be amazed). This show has something magical and puts on display a large portion of Zanotta’s catalogue, where strong ideas have always played a huge part.

«Good design comes from a need to start a dialogue, even if just a short one, with the unidentified person who will use your design” Achille Castiglioni used to say. In fact,  furniture designed for Zanotta is a striking example of this, it develops from wanting to give a fresh new look to commonplace objects.

And this is how the following pieces were born: the Mezzadro stools (1957), which plough a patch of grass, the Sella stools (1957), which appear to be fleeing from the showroom and the Allunaggio seating (1965), which has landed on a planet. Each piece tells a story, triggers an idea and promotes an understanding…

There are only a few days left (the exhibition will end on the 7th November 2015), but it’s really worth a visit. You will be surrounded by icons, which are more than 40 years old and you’ll enjoy the beauty of timeless pieces, both unconventional and commonplace.

What’s more, you need to remember that many of these pieces can be found in the principle art and design museums around the world. And because they stand the test of time and outlive any fad or fashion, these objects are also suitable for private homes. They always steal a smile.  


Where: Zanotta Shop, Piazza del Tricolore 2, Milan, Italy

When: ongoing - 7 November 2015

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