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| Designbest editorial staff


ontemporary handcrafted furniture at Another Country in Marylebone, central London and before this store opened, handmade furniture had almost completely disappeared from circulation. Undoubtedly, it was Paul de Zwart to be one of the first people to notice this trend. In fact, he's not just anyone: he's one of the founding members of Wallpaper, which is possibly one of the most important British interior design magazines of the last twenty years. After several disappointing expeditions on the hunt for a simple wooden stool for his country home, which had to be both well made and affordable, Paul de Zwart, arrived at the conclusion that the only thing left to do was to make one himself. 


Another Country’s storefront

No fuss but matter. Another Country’s storefront shows off from the start its natural and authentic style.

Green matters

“We endeavour to produce our product and run our business at the most sustainable level possible”, so Paul de Zwart, founder of Another Country.


This is how Another Country was born. However, not before Paul had drawn inspiration from the international market: Japanese furniture, Scandinavian design, Shaker style and Mid-century modern furniture. This is now 2010, Paul gets pen and paper out and sketches his first furniture series, which includes bench, chair, stool, two tables and a sofa bed. And working in partnership with a local craftsman, who would later become his partner, he brought into production his first handcrafted collection. 


The interior of Another Country

Simple white walls and timber flooring serve as a neutral backdrop for the pieces on show.


After the instant success of its first collection, which was only sold online, Another Country quickly grew to become an international brand. It now stocks various lines of products and accessories, which share a simple and functional aesthetic and a conscientious and sustainable production process. 



Going from a virtual store to a physical one was an almost inevitable step. Another Country is still housed in its original showroom in Marylebone, where on display we have: indoor and outdoor furniture series, lamps, writing accessories, ceramics and also a few delicacies, from tea to marmalade; this is a treat for the connoisseurs of the English breakfast tradition.




400 sqm arranged over two floors: Another Country faces Crawford Street and at its rear, a small courtyard lights up the basement, which is also used as an office. Another Country is located in Marylebone, an area just north of the famous and extremely popular Oxford Street, with independent stores, bars and restaurants. What's more, there's a beautiful map shown on its webiste; this illustrates surrounding attractions and invite us to our take time to visit the area. 



Another Country maybe more than another land: it’s another time or maybe just the past, which has come back and is lovingly caught between different speeds of production and consumption. Another Country was born to manufacture furniture and contemporary pieces with an authentic and familiar flavour; this is a place without pretences, where a chair is a chair and a table is just a table. Here, furniture surpasses modern trends and styles, it's passed on from generation to generation; strong pieces made by those who have a certain dexterity and know and value materials. Another Country carries on the knowledge of traditional craftsmanship and being able to talk about is a great pleasure. 



Design project

Another Country

18 Crawford Street, Marylebone, London W1H 1BT, United Kingdom
Tel. +44 (0)20 7486 3251

Opening times
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Saturday 11am-5pm
Closed on Sundays

E-mail: shop@anothercountry.com


Photos: Courtesy Another Country

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