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ou need to head to Lichterloh in Vienna, if you want to learn about authentic twentieth century Austrian design and find out what lies beyond the iconic Thonet chair, designed in 1859. In this bright 400 sqm showroom, Austrian-made furniture ranges from the much loved steam-bent beech wood chair, referred to as the “chair of chairs”, to pieces by designers like Roland Rainer, Otto Prutscher and Oswald Haerdtl who, thanks to Lichterloh, have regained international acclaim.


Lichterloh’s historic storefront on the Gumpendorferstrasse in Vienna

Lichterloh’s historic storefront on the Gumpendorferstrasse, one of the trendiest streets in Vienna.

Showroom Lichterloh: industrial style finishings.

The showroom has a simple interior in industrial style. There’s a 300 sqm warehouse underneath the 400 sqm showroom, a place where you can hunt for rare vintage finds. 


Lichterloh is in one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Vienna, close to the famous museums and the Naschmarkt (lit. market of delicacies), where you can treat yourself in the many art galleries, interior design stores and quaint little restaurants. When the original 100 sqm showroom opened in 1989, its three founding partners were real pioneers in the field of vintage design, as the term didn’t even exist back then. Today, 28 years later, these three are still closely involved in preserving and restoring twentieth century gems.


Dagmar Moser, Christof Stein and Philipp-Markus Pernhaupt (left-hand side with his dog) met as young students and chose to learn on the job when they opened a workshop for the restoration of salvaged furniture next to their gallery.


From popular pieces to those by less famous designers, Lichterloh describes its poetic leitmotiv “Defining your own image, also means perfecting your sense for beauty”. And of course, the showroom’s founding partners are available if you should feel the need to express yourself through the pieces which usually surround you.


In its workshop Lichterloh restores furniture with great care

In its workshop Lichterloh restores furniture with great care and upgrades lamps to current safety standards without altering original aesthetics.


A beautiful story. And this is mainly because, when the showroom opened its doors for the first time thirty years ago, as a general rule furniture from the 50s was taken to the incinerator. It was also a time when industrial design was born and reconstruction-era furniture was a chapter to be left behind. With great passion, Lichterloh, a German adverb which translates into the term “blazing fire”, has saved these pieces from the fire, giving them a new lease on life. And it has done so, without turning them to dust.



Store Infos

Lichterloh - Kunsthandel
Gumpendorferstrasse 15 - 17 
1060 Vienna, Austria
Tel: 0043 (1) 58 05206
Email: esbrennt@lichterloh.com

Opening houres:
Tue - Fri: 11.00 – 18.30
Sat: 11.00 – 16.00
Closed on Sundays and Mondays


Courtesy Lichterloh Kunsthandel

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