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| Designbest editorial staff


n the heart of Manhattan, a raised section of a disused railroad and a tree-lined walkway: this is where you'll find Bisazza. The new store is in Chelsea, New York. Even those unfamiliar with the Big Apple know that this fashionable district is famous for its art galleries, making it one the most sought-after neighbourhood for budding artists. It is not surprising that, at the first opportunity, Bisazza bought a whole building, facing the High Line, to convert into its new spectacular showroom. It opened on the15th May 2015, in partnership with the ICFF. The new flagship store is 400 square metres in size and has a wide terrace facing the old railroad. The entrance is striking: double-highted space and glass façade, which embraces the exterior and invite you in. 

As you step into the space, you are greeted by a dreamlike environment, which will take your breath away. Be it either the centre stage or the wings in the background, this space resembles a theatre, where the main actor is certainly creativity. Being in this New York showroom, is like finding a world where decor is real art and spaces are sleek and creative. 

Inside you will find important names such as Tricia Guild, Paola Navone, Marcel Wanders and Studio Job, which designed the latest Contemporary Cement Tiles for this brand. Fashionistas have a corner of their own with the collection Bisazza wears Emilio Pucci, designed in partnership with the renowned fashion house from Florence, Italy.

Outside, a contemporary and rational building and inside, a bold and fresh decor. There are chandeliers with a retro feel, dining rooms with an iconic design and living rooms with neutral tones.. The result is spectacular. Without doubt, beauty, luxury and elegance resonate here, inspiring new home makeovers: transform your bedroom with a new colour scheme, renovate the living room, find something different for your bathroom....


Where: 508 West 20TH Street, Chelsea, New York

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