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| Designbest editorial staff


here is a 10 o’clock appointment at Dom Edizioni. It is just one of many this week, but you can tell there is something special about this one. It might be the sophisticated and austere atmosphere that envelops you as you walk into the Midcentury building in the center of Milan. It could also be the voluptuous, refined, yet welcoming and simple luxury that reveals itself as soon as you cross threshold of the new showroom which lies between the Brera and Quadrilatero della moda neighborhoods. Indeed, Dom Edizioni’s new space is for all intents and purposes a bright and well-furnished apartment where the traditional concept of beauty exists alongside good taste. Domenica Mula, the owner of this designer furniture company founded in Cesena in 2011, does the honors and takes us on a tour of this exceptional location among sculptural pieces and prized collections, extra-large sofas and deluxe tables.

At over 200 square meters, the first floor is divided into six large rooms (one of which is reserved for offices). The large vault windows, high ceilings, stuccowork, white molding, and the classic oak hardwood flooring, alternated with marble in the corridor, create spaces with formal and harmonious balance. The meticulously cared for details allow us to appreciate and discover authentic Italian style, high-quality cabinet-making and the traditions of expert craftsmanship.

Their tables, sofas and furniture are clear expressions of prized workmanship. The pieces feed off of one another in the showroom, providing us with scenes that redefine the concept of the interiors with outstanding and bold designs that do not disdain trends, but reinterpret them in a totally personal vision. Assisted by his daughter, Dom Edizioni’s artistic director expresses his approach to elegance, where the lessons of the great design masters and architects converge with Art Deco influences and personal touches inspired by his travels and everyday life.

Dom Edizioni’s space is essentially a home that is especially appropriate for architects and decorators, but which all can visit and immediately feel both welcomed and appreciated.

Where: Dom Edizioni, via Fatebenefratelli 18, Milan, Italy



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