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Showroom Antrax Milan

| Designbest editorial staff


n order to celebrate 25 years in the world of design, Antrax IT has opened its first single-brand store in Milan in via San Damiano 5.

The space designed by Victor Vasilev was presented during Design Week 2021 with the “black&white” image the brand has based its marketing and communication restyling on. It provides a minimalist and refined look that lets the Antrax radiators do the talking. In a play of darks and light as if in a museum, it highlights the brand’s characteristics of design, energy savings, sustainability and high-level performance.

 “The visual link to the most recent corporate image, in particular to the catalog presented in 2020, was the reference driver of the project that was born from a continuous comparison with Victor.” explained Antrax IT CEO Alberico Crosetta “We wanted a space strongly linked to the Antrax IT identity, characterized but at the same time extremely flexible and capable of adapting over time to different needs: what emerges takes all these objectives into account.”

With 180-sqm space spread out over two levels and overlooking the street with two display windows (with a view onto the prestigious setting of via Santa Cecilia), it is not a simple showroom which just contains collections, but a hub ready to host shows and events, with incursions even into the cinema and art worlds which have always attracted the brand.

The products on display carry the designs of Piero Lissoni, Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, Daniel Libeskind, Dante O. Benini and Victor Vasilev. They are finely displayed along the partially paneled walls which create a play of light and shadow. The perimeter is the only part taken up by radiators. These proposals, in the same matte black or white, look like works in a gallery, while the furniture of De Padova and Flos, the fabrics of Resstende and some marble accessories take care of the rest of the atmosphere.

“The theme of the contemporary art gallery, a further source of inspiration for the showroom, is therefore mixed with the idea of ​​a flexible place for work and discussion, where our team can guarantee the best possible assistance and introduce visitors to the Antrax world.” explained Crosetta. “Color, which has always been with us and which at first glance does not seem represented here, then constitutes the other soul of the space, where the doors to customization gradually open up, allowing architects, customers and distributors to discover it.”

In fact, there is a large material library in the store which can be reached by a metal staircase placed next to the large Marquina black marble desk at the center on the ground floor. Indeed, color dictates the design on the lower floor with the majority of the two-hundred colors available in the brand’s catalogue—its forte.

The polychromatic palette remains the absolute highlight at Antrax. And not by chance the showroom’s calendar will host a series of appointments dedicated to the color over the next months which will accompany us until the Salone 2022.

Where: Antrax, via San Damiano 5, Milan, Italy



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