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Arredo3 Flagship Store Milano

| Designbest editorial staff


he bold, modern brand Arredo3 was searching for an iconic location for its ideal, first single-brand showroom. It coincidentally ended up in Milan’s historic “Casa piazza San Marco” designed by Vico Magistretti in 1969 in the heart of Brera.

This showroom is permeated by design (it was previously the historical site of the signature Milanese brand Dilmos) and immediately reveals its decisive trait from its large display windows overlooking Via Solferino: Tratto_10, the archetypal kitchen that mixes traditional and timeless style with the brand’s innovative and contemporary spirit.

The new flagship store is a single space that immediately shows the strength and expertise of Arredo3’s design by playing with its exclusive elegance in order to create countless personalities. The outfitting was curated by Andrea Federici, also the creator of the new release Tratto_10, which welcomes us at the entrance and introduces the brand’s other models, along with a part dedicated to living room integration.

The location focuses on details and puts the best products on display, but it also allows for social interaction. On the lower floor there is a meeting and gathering space with architects and designers, offering an office space and kitchen in the center of the room made specifically for events and cooking shows.

The kitchen, the domestic space par excellence, thus becomes the absolute star of this location with neutral tones covering the walls and flooring and its various scenes highlighted by ad hoc lighting design. The whole space was conceived as a large open space and it gets demarcated by box lights and backlit vertical slats that embrace us in a gentle and enveloping atmosphere. A single grey tone soberly and boldly warms up the interiors by playing with the contrast of the graphite ceiling. On the stairs and flooring, the natural oak creates domestic allure by adding an extra touch of elegance in order to lead us step by step towards the kitchen of our dreams.

Where: Piazza San Marco 1, Milan, Italy



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