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| Designbest editorial staff


entred on colour, the installation “Chroma. A matter of color”, purposely created in occasion of Milan Design Week and held in the Azzurra showroom in Brera, is going to be open to the public until mid May. This installation is a study on beauty perceived through colour and matter, the two main aspects for the two companies that have given life to this project: Azzurra, a ceramic manufacturer that has conquered the international market with its “Made in Italy” design and Davines, a leader in the field of professional hair-care as well as a champion for sustainable beauty.
The mind behind the installation as well as its curator, the architect and designer Diego Grandi, describes his project as "Chroma is an installation that investigates the unique quality of beauty. Colour represents your distinctive character and personal expression. Choosing a colour is a conscious decision: colours as an affirmation of oneself".

The setting in the showroom evokes an abstract cosmos, in which ceramic spheres and hairballs meet and interact with one other. Large and small, solid or soft, they resemble the poetic constellations of a galaxy in which the different colours represent conscious choices as well as a way to express oneself.
Recreating a distant universe, in which the rules of beauty have yet to be defined, the installation encourages you to rethink the aesthetic canons that currently dominate the scene, to reconsider stereotypes that are unconsciously shared and to expand your imagination, going beyond what is already known, described and laid out.

When: until mid-May 2019
When: 9 via Giuseppe Sacchi, Milan – MM Cairoli Castello and Lanza
Opening times: Monday-Friday 10.00 - 19.00

Showroom Photos: Credits Gaetano Del Mauro, Courtesy Azzurra

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