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Davide Groppi, showroom Spazio Esperienze - Bologna, Italy

| Designbest editorial staff


avide Groppi’s new showroom in Bologna couldn’t have been named anything but Spazio Esperienze (lit. the experience space). In fact, Davide Groppi has built a world-class reputation for turning light into a unique poetical experience. 

Spazio Esperienze is located at the heart of the old town centre, in the shadow of the two towers that are the official symbol of the city. In a sense, Spazio Esperienze is a theatre hidden among allies, porticos and raised walkways, a space where light is the undisputed star of the scene, making evocative suggestions and bringing to mind other worlds and dreamy vibes.

The understated elegant vibe of Spazio Esperienze is in true with Davide Groppi form. In fact, as soon as you set foot inside, you’ll find yourself surrounded by tiny spotlights, diffused lighting, flashes of light and games of light and shadows. Davide Groppi’s style is distinct and instantly recognizable, and also this time around talks to us a language made of emotions and magic.


Where: Spazio Esperienze - via dell’Interno 16/B, Bologna


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