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Cappellini and Poltrona Frau, on the Neapolitan seafront

| Designbest editorial staff


50 square metres, just a few footsteps away from the Neapolitan seafront: this is the space chosen by Cappellini and Poltrona Frau, where on the 18th June 2015 they launched their new showroom. As always, interior design is overseen by Giulio Cappellini. The showroom is separated into a series of “chromatic boxes”; they define the different spaces and draw attention to the various collections.

The design style is both refined and demure and in every room, floor, walls and ceiling are in matching colours. For example, emerald blue, stolen from the Amalfi coastline, is the colour chosen for the 230 sqm set aside for Cappellini. More neutral tones, which range from magnolia to beige, were chosen for the remaining 120 sqm assigned to Poltrona Frau.

Of course, in this showroom, key players are the many pieces of the various collections. Iconic products like Revolving Cabinet, a chest of drawers by Shiro Kuramata, S Chair designed by Tom Dixon for Cappellini, 1919 armchair or the legendary Vanity Fair by Poltrona Frau, are displayed alongside more contemporary pieces like Panda collection by Paola Navone, new table designs by Giulio Cappellini and Tapio Wirkkala and new products by Nendo.

At one end of the showroom: living rooms, home offices and commercial spaces. And at the other end: large-scale images of pure-white furniture and a series of photographs, which portray Poltrona Frau's workmanship. The ambience is cosy, sophisticated and at the same time informal and authentic. The air is filled with that rich and weather-beaten scent typical of leather. In fact, a large bookcase stands out on one wall; it holds a stock of 50 different samples of leather, available in 177 different colours. And all this, for a unique tactile and sensory experience.


Where: via Chiatamone 5H, Napoli



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