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| Designbest editorial staff


n occasion of Clerkenwell Design Week, May 2015, Carl Hansen & Son -  one of the most important Scandinavian brandsaround – open their new London showroom, in partnership with Rud.Rasmussen, the oldest Danish furniture maker.

The three-storey design space is located in the lively neighborhood of Clerkenwell. It offers an overview of the history of Scandinavian design. In fact, here you will find classic handcrafted pieces by Hans J. Wegner next to more contemporary ones, like iconic furnishings by Rud.Rasmussen. 

Design fills the air in Clerkenwell  - Zaha Hadid works nearby – and the showroom is in a historic building, which once housed the Evening Standard’s printing works.  As soon as you step inside, you will be greeted by a vibrant creativity. 

However, the real gem is within: the art gallery on the ground floor puts on striking displays. This room leads to the floors above.

This double heighted space has a retro vibe with exposed brickwork and metal beams. The old metal spiral staircase with its narrow steps leads to iconic pieces: the Wishbone chair by Hans J. Wegner, the Heritahe Chair by Frits Hemmingsen, the legendary Colonial Chair by Ole Wansher. This vast array of chairs sets the scene for Carl Hansen’s collection, displayed throughout the first floor. 

On the top floor, you will find what looks like a joinery, with Rud.Rasmussen’s pieces scattered around, part of Hansen's production since 2011. Here, the scent of wood creates a warm environment; this stands for the brand's long carpentry tradition, which is 146 years old to be exact. Few accessories comple the space: a blue carpet, a sky-blue bedspread and a minimalist jug. You will definitely feel at home in this space, which brings industrial design and top-quality craftsmanship together.


Where: 16A Bowling Green Lanes, London EC1R 0BD

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