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Cassina: This will be the space

| Designbest editorial staff



his will be the space: is a whole-new showroom of nearly 2 thousand square metres, redesigned and extended by Patricia Urquiola. This is how Cassina celebrated its 50 years in 16 via Durini, in the heart of Milan.

The Milanese boutique, first opened by Franco Cassina in 1968 with pieces by Mario Bellini, Vico Magistretti and Piero Lissoni, now gets a new lease on life with a totally new makeover. This new version is accompanied by “In-store Philosophy 3”, curated by Patricia Urquiola herself, who has kept the original dome commissioned by Bellini in ’68 as the showroom’s focal point.

The entrance, in Venetian terrazzo, leads to the centre of the stage, where a sculptural staircase rises towards the dome padded in soundproof materials and externally clad in glazed copper sheets. And while the skylight lights up the sophisticated showroom, in which colours and materials articulate a space that combines conviviality and working, the staircase leads us up to a grass garden, the terrace and new spaces on the first floor, with a private club for designers and architects.

Refined, dramatic, atmospheric: this new space invites us to experience, once again, Cassina’s contemporary (and timeless) lifestyle.

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