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| Designbest editorial staff


ntratalibera is a contemporary interior design store in the centre of Milan: avant-garde pieces and amazing new expressive art forms are on display in 800 square metres. Entratalibera is reached by walking in an easterly direction from San Babila square, passing through Corso Monforte, a street known for historic interior design showrooms and continuing in a straight line for exactly one thousand metres.


The main entrance of EntrataLibera in Milan

The main entrance of Entratalibera, in a beautiful nineteenth century building which faces Indipendenza square in Milan.


Entratalibera –  the literal Italian for “free entrance” - began its life in 2003 and was developed by the late Bruno Rainaldi and Marta Giardini. Bruno Rainaldi was a designer with many years of experience in the furniture business; he ironically described himself as “A designer from the streets with a chaotically meticulous style”. Like the name suggests, this “lab” is open for testing new ideas. In fact, Entratalibera was purposely left unfinished to house unconventional designer pieces and works of art, which investigate new concepts and make us reflect on how we can live in this day and age.


On the ground floor, a large open-plan space opens directly onto the street and on an internal courtyard.


Bruno Rainaldi abided by true principles of industrial design “right objects for right uses”. He is chiefly remembered for having designed the extremely popular Ptolomeo vertical bookcase. In 2004, this bestselling piece, manufactured by Opion Ciatti, received the extremely coveted Compasso D’Oro award. Since 2011, Opinion Ciatti, an interior design firm from Tuscany, which Rainaldi has built a long standing partnership with, has taken over running the showroom. With sincere passion and great commitment, Opinion Ciatti puts into practice Rainaldi’s teachings and treasures his inspiration. 


The Ptolomeo bookcase designed in 2003
by Bruno Rainaldi for Opinion Ciatti.

Bruno Rainaldi, designer

Bruno Rainaldi, who together with Marta Giardini, set up the Entratalibera concept store.


In the concept store, now also Opinion Ciatti showroom, you can find everything for the home, from furniture to kitchens, from household accessories to lamps. Moreover, next to pieces by top Italian and international brands, there are also works of art, costume jewellery and sought-after fashion accessories. This space is constantly changing and has made of unconventionality its main agenda.


Kitchen Axis and stools in hand-crumpled aluminium, part of the Tab.u series by Opinion Ciatti.

The swings Leaf at EntrataLibera, Milan

The swings Leaf in iroko wood, designed by Veronica Martinez.


Entratalibera is a very special place; this small creative universe amazes visitors at every single step. Entratalibera also encourages you to think of what are homes like nowadays and about the relationship between commonplace objects and one-of-a-kind works of art and design. In fact, are these parallel or different worlds? Would you repeatedly use the first kind without even noticing it and admire the second one? However, is there a moment where they merge together or are soaked in each other? This is good question and to get to an answer, all we can do is try: an excellent way to start the experiment is to go where the entrance is free. 



Store Infos

C.so Indipendenza 16, 20129 Milan, Italy
Tel: +39 02 7000 6147

Opening times
Tue-Sat 11:00 - 19.30
Closed on Sundays and Mondays 

E-mail: info@entratalibera.mi.it



Photos: Courtesy ENTRATALIBERA

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