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| Designbest editorial staff


ebal Casa, one of the main Italian interior design firms, has recently opened a new showroom in Rome. This brand-new space was built in partnership with Teti Arredamenti, one of the brand's long-standing partners.  

This new showroom has two separate buildings where, fresh new designs take centre stage. The first building (100 sqm in size) is in via Casalotti and it houses everything you could possibly want for all the rooms in your house, be it the living room, kitchen or dining room. The second building (360 sqm in size), a space considerably larger than the first one, is in via Baveno. Here, Febel Casa displays all its latest furniture collections.

Both spaces are designed and built following the brand's distinctive taste and style; be it contemporary settings or rooms with a more traditional aesthetic. In fact, there is a large foyer, just like in the other showroom of this brand. This space welcomes visitors, makes them feel special and well looked after. There's also an in-house consultation service, which oversees bespoke design projects and offers fresh new decorating ideas to suit customers' individual needs and space requirements. 

Here, the interior design is in true “Made in Italy” style: a neutral colour scheme, clean and simple lines and a subtly elegant aesthetic. And all this is “very now”. What's more, the timeless materials used add a warm touch to this space; exquisite leather and unstained parquet flooring.


Where: via Casalotti and via Baveno, Rome

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