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| Designbest editorial staff

rette is an Italian brand, renowned in the world of interiors for its luxury linen. Frette has just opened its first store in Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city in Vietnam. The store, 133 sqm in size, is located inside the Times Square Tower, the highest and most luxurious skyscraper in the country, which houses deluxe apartments, offices, a conference centre and even a five star hotel.  

The store resembles a sort of crystal chest; a cubic store front. And instantly, the unique style of this brand stands out: modern decor, yet with a deliciously classic style and this makes for a refined ambience. What’s more, the calibrated balanced combination of wood, glass and steel warms up the interior with discreet precision.   

Here, refined and lightweight textiles are key players: dreamy sheets and precious tablecloths, which are found in some of the important royal households in Europe. And the magic doesn’t just stop here. Linen in both natural and delicate tones is impeccably displayed on shelves.

This results in a refined yet welcoming feel, almost soothing. However, there are also bright splashes of colour, like sponges in sky-blue or coral, designed for a “young” bathroom or for the summer season. In any case, this makes for a classy environment, where you can and must dream.


Where: Times Square Tower, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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