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| Designbest editorial staff


n Paris, in a neighbourhood undergoing gentrification, an intimate contemporary design gallery has just opened: Galerie Room. Galerie Room has an air of sophistication and the same pretty young vibe of its owners: designer Violaine d’Harcourt and communication manager Ludivine Chabert. We are in the 18th arrondissement, amid alleyways and staircases, just before the North side of the Sacré-Coeur Basilica, the famous white church on top of the Montmartre hill. This area is at risk of soon becoming the next place to go.


The Galerie Room front with typical Parisian flair

The Galerie Room front with typical Parisian flair. Inside the gallery space, work by owner Violaine d’Harcourt, as well as pieces by emerging young designers. The interior design studio Room Service operates from the backroom.

Montmartre, Paris

A charming portrait of Violaine d’Harcourt and Ludivine Chabert, posing in Galerie Room. Left hand-side, the magnificent view of Montmartre, the gallery is located on the North side of this Parisian hill.


The idea of opening a design gallery came to Violaine. Parisian born and bred, she studied interior and product design in Paris, later completing a masters and training in some of the most renowned studios in New York, Milan and Buenos Aires. After returning home, she met up with friend Ludivine, who had just spent three years working in London as a PR in the creative industry. They immediately started making plans for Galerie Room.


Contemporaneo design by young artists at Galerie Room

Centre: "Narcisse" chair by Nocod Studio, in waxed walnut and brass; "Heka" bench by Léa Ginac, in slate. Left hand-side: "Cloud City" pendant lamp by Well Well Designers, in silk-screen paper. Right hand-side: "Fly wall lamp" by Geoffroy Gillant, LEDs fitted in a slimline aluminium tube.

lamps by Violaine d'Harcourt

"Lampione II" floor lamp, in blown-glass, pear and ash wood, lacquered steel and leather; this is by Violaine d'Harcourt. Right hand-side, a glimpse of the metal wall which marks the interior design studio.


Galerie Room is an innovative space, which displays, aside from the owner’s work, pieces by experimental young designers. What’s more, Galerie Room creates a meeting point between professionals of different creative fields, starting from the many architects, designers, photographers and publishers, who live in this buzzing neighbourhood. 


lamps by Marta Bakowski, stool by Lea Ginac, table by Solveig Bongrain

Left hand-side: "Rays" wall-mounted lamp by Marta Bakowski, in Plexiglas and woven polyester; "Meret" by Léa Ginac in marble slabs. Right hand-side: in the foreground, "Saou" table by Solveig Bongrain, in solid oak and sand-blasted steel; left pedestal, “Lune” table lamp by Violaine d’Harcourt, in marble and oak.

lamp "Lampione I" designed by Violaine d'Harcourt

Right pedestal, "Lampione I" lamp by Violaine d'Harcourt. Feature wall, "Akse" shelves by Geoffroy Gillant, lacquered aluminium and timber.


We could say that setting up a neighbourhood network, made of local craftspeople, who share knowledge and skill with the rest of the community, is not an entirely new concept. However, the novelty rests in the fact that a system, which was working perfectly in the Middle Ages, can be applied to our modern age, embracing only its best features. We cross our fingers and wish them every success. After all, our owners just have to breathe new life into a tried and test system. 



Design project

Galerie Room

67 rue Lamarck, 75018 Paris, France
Tel. 0033 (0) 9 83 30 21 76
E-mail: contact@galerieroom.com

Opening times
Tues-Sat: 11.00 – 19.30





Photos: Courtesy Galerie Room


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