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| Designbest editorial staff


inder Modern is a special place; this is the only top quality interior design store worldwide with a focus on kids' furniture. Kinder Modern sells contemporary and vintage (1920-1980) North American and European design. Each piece is an example of top quality craftsmanship, technology and shape analysis, tailor made for kids. This store wants to see children grow up surrounded by beauty and instil in them the love for quality pieces, designed to let their imagination run wild.


Kinder Modern showroom on Broadway in New York City.

The Kinder Modern showroom in the St. James Building on Broadway, NYC. You can see the city skyline from the windows.

We’re in New York City close to Madison Square Park, at the beginning of Broadway between 25th and 26th street. Here, a light-filled suite with white walls and dark parquet flooring has some of the smartest and most beautiful contemporary and vintage kids’ furniture and accessories on the market.

Left-hand side, Chicken Desk by Guillaumit for Kinder Modern.

Large shelving with a bright mix of modern and vintage kids’ furniture, Kinder Modern, New York

Large shelving with a bright mix of modern and vintage kids’ furniture, found by owner Lora Appleton. On the right-hand side, in the foreground, the Tisch Stuhl Haus Kreide (lit. table, chair, home, chalk) coated in blackboard paint, design Clemens Tissi. 


Lora Appleton is the creative force behind Kinder Modern. In order to accommodate the needs of her newborn son, Lora went from being a communications creative and design enthusiast to gallerist. Baffled by the limited choice of quality kids’ furniture, she started her own quest and fell in love with pieces by iconic twentieth century designers. And after finally having finished decorating son William’s room, in 2012 she started Kinder Modern.


Kinder Modern, New York, a mix of contemporary and vintage pieces.

Natural materials, bright colours and a mix of contemporary and vintage pieces. Kinder Modern offers functional and creative pieces which reject kitsch.


Without a doubt, this was a high-risk venture in the overly saturated field of interior design, but Lora was able to tap into a new stream. She found pieces by iconic names like Hans J. Wegner, Ko Verzuu, Isami Nogouchi and Alvar Aalto and developed partnerships with emerging young talents like Lucas Maasen, Philippe Nacson, Clemens Tissi, Chen & Williams and Liz Collins for new furniture and carpet lines by kM.


A small selection of the many pieces by Kinder Modern, New York

A small selection of the many pieces by Kinder Modern, from to left-hand side corner. 1. Banner carpet by Cody Hoyt + Kinder Modern, Artists Collection. 2. Ado Play Chair, design Ko Verzuu, ’50s, The Netherlands. 3. Bambi Chair, design Takeshi Sawada, Japan. 4. Ciclone Child Table, design Isamu Noguchi (Knoll) and Peter’s Chair and Table, design Hans J. Wegner, 1944, Denmark. 5. Leo Rug, design Lucky Boy Sunday, Denmark.


Here, children take centre stage. Kinder Modern strives to bring to them beautiful and functional pieces, which leave space for the imagination and creativity. For Lora, designing for kids doesn’t mean scaling down grownup furniture, but getting in touch with a completely different world: “There is a way in which children use their bodies with furniture that adults do not even think of…” By looking at them, we can understand how children explore a specific piece of furniture: touching, bighting and flipping it over, jumping over and hiding underneath it, covering it with a blanket... We’ll see a thousand different ways of using furniture, because for a child a chair isn't just a chair.



Store Infos

Kinder Modern Showroom
1133 Broadway / Suite 1610
New York NY 10010, USA
Tel: 00 1 212-627-2917
Email: design@kindermodern.com

Opening times:
Mon. - Fri. 10.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Saturday by appointment
Closed on Sundays

Website: kindermodern.com

Courtesy Kinder Modern
Credits: Bonnie Hoeker, Lora Appleton 

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