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| Designbest editorial staff


f you have a weakness for the early work of the most iconic names in modern design and are also partial to Scandinavian design, the Achtgrad showroom is the right place for you. Achtgrad has a comprehensive range of vintage pieces like twentieth century furniture, lighting design and tableware. Achtgrad has original lamps by Louis Poulsen, chairs by Fritz Hansen, Rosenthal porcelain, crystal ware, silverware, candelabra and other rare finds, often sold only by prestigious auction houses. 


3107 chair by Arne Jacobssen for Fritz Hansen

The showroom interior. In the foreground, 3107 teak chairs by Arne Jacobssen for Fritz Hansen, which are still being manufactured to date, and the Trava pendant lamps by Carl Thore for Granhaga Metalindustri.


Two large windows look on to one of the main squares of the old town centre of Krefeld, a peaceful town half an hour from Düsseldorf in Rhineland, southwest Germany. Once known as the city of velvet and silk, Krefeld is also linked to iconic modern architect and furniture designer Mies van de Rohe. In the late nineteen twenties, two important textile manufacturers appointed Mies van de Rohe to design their private homes. Nowadays, these wonderful redbrick villas built for Hermann Lange and Josef Esters are museum-homes open to the public for temporary exhibits. Achtgrad contributes making available several pieces for the events.


St. Dionysus square with the saint’s church. Left-hand side, the view from the Achtgrad showroom.

St. Dionysus square with the saint’s church. Left-hand side, the view from the Achtgrad showroom.


Achtgrad was set up in 2002 by Yasmin and Frank Mevissen. Yasmin is a photographer with a professional eye for beauty and Frank is a geographer who comes from a family of antique dealers, used to visiting fairs and flea markets looking for valuable pieces. By coming together, what had been a hobby became their much beloved work. 


avolo in rovere Shaker 6286 di Børge Mogensen per Fredericia Stolefabrik

Left-hand side, the Shaker 6286 oak table by Børge Mogensen for Fredericia Stolefabrik and the Superlight 240 pendant lamp, both pieces are Danish. Right-hand side, a Menorah, the 7-arm oil lamp, one of the most ancient symbols of Hebraism.

Super Light 240 copper lamp and The People’s Chair J139 oak chairs by Børge Mogensen for Fredericia

In the foreground, the Super Light 240 copper lamp, and in the background, The People’s Chair J139 oak chairs by Børge Mogensen for Fredericia. 

In German, Achtgrad means “eight degrees”. It’s inspired by the first piece of design Frank ever owned: the Audio 308 sound system designed in the 70s by Dieter Rams for Braun. The number eight stands for the slight incline of the control panel, a real innovation at the time.

CH24 chair produced by Carl Hansen

Right-hand side, the timeless (and still in production) CH24 chair by Carl Hansen, two mirrors from the 60s/70s of German manufacture and the Isocèle coffee table series by Algerian-French artist Max Sauze.

Mid-century modern chandeliers and accessories at Achtgrad, Krefeld

Mid-century modern chandeliers and accessories: left-hand side, Dome copper lamps by Hans Agne Jakobsson for Markaryd and Super Light 240, right-hand side the a Fun 1 DM lamp in mother-of-pearl designed in 1964 by Verner Panton.


Yasmin and Frank have a love for what’s beautiful, different, unique and classic. Designers who’ve inspired them the most include Verner Panton, Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Helmut Bätzner, Dieter Rams, Arne Jacobsen, but also less established names, nonetheless equally unique if you consider the quality of their work. With dedication and patience, they’ve turned their passion into a real job which has been exciting every day for the past fifteen years, because just like Yasmin says “Iconic design brings together the appeal of its time with timeless beauty”.  



Store Infos

Achtgrad Designklassiker
Dionysiusplatz 8, Krefeld, Germany 
Tel: 00 49 (0) 2151 653 299
Email: design@achtgrad.de

Opening times:
Thurs-Fri 11.00 – 19.00
Saturday 11.00 – 14.00
Closed from Sundays to Wednesdays


Courtesy Achtgrad Designklassiker
Credits Yasmin Mevissen

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