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| Designbest editorial staff


etropolitan interior design in this magnificent villa. We are south-west of Berlin, in the elegant Grunewald borough (lit. green forest), which, through lakes and forests, leads us to the famous Potsdam castle. This villa was built between 1910-12 for Carl Harteneck, the chemical-industry tycoon who formely named the villa. And after an unsteady one-hundred year long past, Die Villa, as it's now known, is reinstated as a destination for top quality interior design.


One of the rooms of the villa, metropolitan design store in Berlin

One of the rooms of the villa; this building is safeguarded by the department responsible for the protection of historical buildings. Doors and parquet flooring have been perfectly restored. All the pieces on show are by the brand Promemoria.


In 2014, Die Villa was taken over by the interior design duo Ulrich Stein and Herwig Kramer, owners of the renowned interior design stores Ulrich Stein of Hamburg. However, it was as early as 1999 that Die Villa started its new life as a temple for design. During that time, it was converted it into an interior design store and floristry. And when a year ago it became vacant, Stein and Kramer couldn’t resist its appeal: “We couldn’t say no, it was simply too beautiful and perfect for our concept” said the new owners.


The park and the terrace of Die Villa in Berlin

The park was restored in 1985 and since then, it has always been open to the public (left-hand side). The south-facing elevation with neoclassical columns and a large terrace looking over the fountain (right-hand side).

For Ulrich Stein and Herwig Kramer interior design is more than just a job, in fact it’s their passion. They met twenty years ago and since then, they have formed an indestructible duo. With twenty associates between Berlin and Hamburg, they design and decorate luxury homes for their extremely secret V.I.P clientele.


Refurbished in record time, Die Villa reopened in the summer of 2014, to four hundred ecstatic guests, its 5-metre-high rooms complete with stuccos and period parquet flooring (550 smq). Promemoria, Armani Casa, Baxter, Poltrona Frau, Walter Knoll and Paola Lenti; these are the main brands shown by Ulrich Stein. However, there are also kitchens (Eggersmann, Gaggenau), bathrooms, sound-technology and works of art. This gives clients a complete look. And of course, this space couldn’t be complete without the captivating historic floristry. The floristry was moved from the winter garden to the vestibule. And day in and day out, floral designers put together wonderful arrangements for events, hotels or for lucky customers who have a “flower subscription” and directly receive them at home.


The winter garden and the hall with the florist station

The winter garden converted into a dining room (left-hand side). The new florist station is right at the entrance (right-hand side).

Five-metre-high ceilings in the Villa, design store in Berlin

One of the rooms with five-metre-high ceilings. In the foreground, the Shell sofa part of the USC collection.

Loop armchairs by USC collection

Loop armchairs part of the USC collection manufactured by Ulrich Stein. Simple and functional designs handmade by skilled artisans.


Die Villa is an interior design store, but with the smallest of efforts, necessary because of its rare magnificence, you can imagine being at home. It’s not easy to pick want you want and we feel like saying “I want everything here”. And this is exactly what happened to Ulrich Stein and Herwig Kramer, who were lucky enough to have the right means to achieve their dream. Furthermore, we are extremely happy this gem hasn’t disappeared from the map and is still part of those places design connoisseurs can visit in Berlin.



Design project

DIE VILLA. Ulrich Stein GmbH

Douglasstraße 9, Villa Harteneck, 14193 Berlin, Germany
Tel. +49 30 96 59 67 69

Opening hours
Tue-Sat 10.00 - 18.00
Closed on Sundays

E-mail: post@dievilla-berlin.de


Photos: Courtesy Ulrich Stein GmbH

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