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La Murrina showroom Turate (CO), Italy 

| Designbest editorial staff


fter a complete remodel, the La Murrina showroom in Turate, on the outskirts of Como, northern Italy, is open for business. And this 1500 sqm open-plan space fully illustrates an all Italian success story. For those of you who need to be reminded, La Murrina is a world-class blown-glass manufacturer, which still follows traditional Murano glass-blowing techniques.

A total refurb successfully turned this showroom into a most suggestive itinerary, which bring together mass-productions with top quality craftsmanship. Here, new products are displayed alongside the brand’s iconic collections.  

Visitors are greeted in a dramatic foyer painted black, where to pieces are put on display: Belle Epoque and Eva, the latest designs La Murrina launched at last year’s Euroluce.

However, as you enter in the showroom, black walls gradually make way to a neutral colour palette in shades of white and dove-grey. Here, collections are put on display in a game of light and shadows, volumes, shapes and reflections.

The Turate showroom is line with La Murrina’s elegant aesthetics, a brand which has always strived to bring the superior quality of Murano hand blown-glass to the rest of the world. And it’s precisely the talent and sensitivity of the Murano craftsmen to fill this space with magic.

Every single piece is manufactured from start to finish by La Murrina, and the craftsmen’s superior skill is apparent in the brand’s production: vases, chandelier, decorative objects, and more complex piece. However, the La Murrina production is also known for drawing from modern design and the world of high-fashion.

In fact, in a special corner of the Turate showroom we notice the Murano Luxury Glass collection designed by Roberto Cavalli: new ideas for colours, futuristic silhouettes and patterns inspired by the world of fashion, all representative of this iconic fashion designer who has used his skill to being out unique, precious and collectable objects.


Where: 26 via Isonzo, Turate (CO), Italy


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