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Ludovica Mascheroni, L'Appartamento - Milano

| Designbest editorial staff


n Via Gesù 13 in Milan’s luxury fashion district, Ludovica Mascheroni is getting ready to welcome guests to its new Appartamento. In September 2021 the Italian brand specialized in luxury furniture and clothes will open the doors of its first boutique dedicated to both décor and couture.

This new concept has once and for all established this brand’s twin soul. On the hand, there is home décor and, on the other hand, there is the world of fashion and luxury couture. This seamless and unique blend makes beauty—in the sense of what is well-made—this brand’s distinctive trait.

Its highlight is surely its Italian craftsmanship that focuses on quality and meticulous attention-to-detail. It is not simply store, but an apartment where you can take in the good life and find strictly handmade and custom-made clothes and furniture designed by Ludovica Mascheroni.

“Offering our idea of home and our idea of clothing is the objective we set ourselves with the opening of the boutique in Via Gesù” commented Fabio Mascheroni, the brand’s owner and founder together with his wife Roberta Caglio. “We wanted to call this project “The Apartment” because, just like at home, it is possible to find both clothes and décor and because here we want to provide the feeling of entering not simply in a shop but in a real home.”

The boutique, which will be spread out over three floors for a total of 250 sqm, has been made to be leisurely experienced while you are surrounded by a sophisticated atmosphere where the most precious woods will do the honors. Each floor is presented with a different type of wood: oak, maple and cedar. On the ground floor, the oak will lead us to men’s and women’s clothing and the brand’s most iconic furniture; while on the first floor, there will be nuances of maple and a suite that will be a women’s fitting room or a dining area with a hideaway kitchen when needed (complete with a smart bookcase). Lastly, the final floor with a cedar notes will be dedicated to menswear with tailored clothing, walk-in closets and a lounge space with a bar and tea room.

This is a place to add to your must-see list when you get back from vacation. It is a unique location where you can admire high-quality craftsmanship and rediscover the sophisticated elegance of made-in-Italy products, even in small everyday objects: from a sewing kit to a sanitizing trunk for garments, boxes with various aromas for preserving knitwear and high-quality accessories for him and her. custodire la maglieria agli abiti e agli accessori di alta fattura, per lui e per lei.

Where: via Gesù 13, Milan, Italy

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