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| Designbest editorial staff


n the occasion of the Fuorisalone 2022, Magia 2, the Milanese space which has always dedicated itself to choosing the best materials for architecture and décor, has opened its doors to take us on a journey to discover the beauty of wood. In the exhibition space, the wood of Italian Glamour's master cabinetmakers is the absolute star. Italian Glamour is a family business, founded as a saw mill during the era of the Kingdom of Italy. Today, it belongs to the seventh generation and is run by its heir/art director Fulvia Givone.

A 150-year-old story based on its understanding of wood as a raw material. Today it is located in a stylish and refined 650-sqm space which is dedicated to high-quality Italian goods. At the moment the clear highlights of the showroom in via Guintellino are the latest projects from Italian Glamour, the sophisticated Turinese atelier which designs and manufactures high-quality wood flooring and paneling.

Italian Glamour is the partner which Magia 2 chose to supply it with exotic African, Asia and South American woods, as well as with typical ones coming from Europe and North America: a carefully chosen selection of magnificent surfaces which bring out the authentic character of wood. Design for Magia 2 means giving form to material with Italian savoir faire and unprecedented nuances and accents which highlight the brand’s international knowhow. The result is a flawless, unique and exquisitely contemporary look.

Where: via Guglielmo Guintellino 26/28, Milan, Italy



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