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Marsotto Milan Showroom  (ph: Hiroki Tagma)

| Designbest editorial staff


reativity and design are at home in Milan, and Marsotto’s new showroom, inaugurated in the heart of Brera during Milan Design Week 2020, is proof of this. At Largo Treves 2 a large marble wall invites us to literally sit down in its sinuous curves that create a nook and draw your gaze indoors. The entrance with its soft and malleable marble is just a taste of the surprises waiting for us inside.

Just as you enter, the marble walls become lace all the way to the top. Meanwhile, the stairs lead us towards a black walkway that becomes a dark hall—a small tunnel that builds anticipation and prepares us for more spectacular scenes to come. Indeed, downstairs the showroom reveals itself in all its beauty: the light creates a boundless space while the brand’s furniture seems to float in the air with vanishing corners, unexpected rooms and an almost ethereal, enveloping and magical atmosphere.

On the two floors of this space, design culture finds its true calling and the extraordinary work by Nendo brings us into a poetic and dream-like world where marble and natural stones get transformed and shaped among sculptural interpretations, artistic expressions and more domestic scenes. And where an art gallery space, with décor that melts into a pool of marble, gets perfectly combined with a more functional space where a modular bookshelf and a concealed kitchen stand out.

It is a new design space that deserves to be visited and revisited, enveloped as it is by the indisputable elegance of  Nendo and by the innovative and courageous vision of home design by Marsotto.


Where: Largo Claudio Treves 2, Milan, Italy



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