Mohd - showroom Milano

| Designbest editorial staff


ohd – Mollura Home Design, the Italian high-end furniture e-commerce platform that already boasts of two showrooms in Sicily (in Messina and Catania), has recently opened the doors of its new home in Milan, the capital of design.

It is a unique space that, thanks to the collaboration with Danish brand Vipp, mixes Nordic style with Sicilian atmospheres and contemporary design with the familiar feeling of home. In 200 square meters spread out over two levels, Mohd presents its unique vision of the home, i.e. “a place where emotions and experiences meet, a home that is almost a physical and emotional journey through the countries of the best design and the most refined pieces and one through the senses and inspirations”, as explained by Gianluca Mollura, CEO of Mohd.

It is a location that interprets contemporary living with a passionate, original and authentic outlook, because as Mollure adds “the home is a portrait of who lives in it.” So one has the go-ahead to look for new interpretations and stylistic influences that mix iconic pieces of design with more contemporary furniture, starting from the kitchen that looks onto the living room at the entrance. On the lower floor the intimacy of the bedroom and sky-blue walls meets an office space that offers prompt and ready-to-go design service.

The common thread in the Mohd home is always the same: offering excellence in design in order to create a unique and personal style that knows how to offer us an international home that speaks solely of us.

Where: via Filippo Turati 3, Milan, Italy



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