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| Designbest editorial staff


ay, New York Design Week. And what time could me more appropriate to launch Moooi's first American showroom? Right in the centre of Manhatthan, between the Chrysler and the Empire State Building, in the so-called NoMad Area, surrounded by boutiques, restaurants and luxury hotels. Even if only one window fronts the street, it's still of great visual impact. Throughout the years, Moooi has built an international reputation for designing truly innovative pieces with a sense of irony about them. What's more, Moooi has also become well-known for its explosive lighting design, just like the two lamps in the store front: Heracleum and Round Prop Lights Bertjan Pot. This bold pieces are an exiting introduction to the store: 3875 sqm of veritable wonders.

Moooi is housed in a re-purposed twentieth century building, with exposed concrete flooring, columns and services. The open-plan space is subdivided by screens with large-scale prints by the artist Rahi Rezvani. This interior is of great visual impact, coupled with an eclectic feel. In fact, creativity is the driving force behind this unique setting, which possesses almost theatrical qualities. Visitors are bound to wonder around this amazing space with great curiosity, enthralled by bold colours and sharp silhouettes, taking in the entrancing  spirit of this brand.  

As soon you step inside, you are greeted by a vibrant decor with a strong visual impact; you'll definitely be amazed by the eclectic mix on show. This is a truly lively and dynamic environment. Lighting design, tables, chairs, sofas, coffee tables and even the new carpet range by Moooi: these are just some of the pieces which are brought together in an interesting mix, creating unique and unconventional displays, which are always being contantly updated. What's more,  Marcel Wander, Moooi's artistic director, has helped to define a clear style, driven by an unstoppable creative vision. Throughout the years, Moooi has built a fruitful partnership with many great names on the international design scene: Jurgen Bey, Bertian Pot, Jasper Morrison and Studio Job, just to name a few.

And the mood here: a perfect mix of Moooi's “loud” and impetuous creativity. 


Where: 36 East, 31st Street, NY 10016, New York, U.S.A 

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