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Pedini Brera - Milan

| Designbest editorial staff


itchens, and not only. Pedini’s flagship store, in the heart of Brera, is not a simple showroom, but a space conceived of as a home. In its 400 sqm, it shows us kitchens, but also living rooms and bathrooms, relaxation and wellness. It is a lively space and open to the trends which synthesize two seemingly contrasting concepts: conservation and fusion.

It expands over two floors with a double-height connection which makes the space fluid and welcoming. It shows us around various aesthetic and compositional languages, taking us through the demands and trends of contemporary home design. And it is here where the new chapter of Galbiati Arreda comes in, the Milanese furniture showroom which has become a national and international point of reference in the sector.

When we speak about kitchens, Pedini stands out as a synonym for quality Italian craftsmanship, because it combines quality, style, and attention to materials and the environment. That’s why Galbiati wanted to associate its name with this brand: to expand its offer of the best products in design and carry its philosophy forward, in a meticulous combination of craftsmanship and avant-garde design.

Where: Pedini, corso Garibaldi 9, Milan, Italy



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