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Pianca&Partners - Milan

| Designbest editorial staff


iuseppe Arezzi, Maddalena Selvini and Flatwig Studio are the protagonists of this project created by Pianca & Partners on the occasion of Design Week 2021. This new design talent was selected ad hoc for the design of display windows in this Milan showroom. Through the vision and proposals of the four under-35 designers, the displays highlight creativity and experimentation.

Emerging lines (the name of the new project curated by Calvi Brambilla) experiments with tradition and the future and puts the personal analyses of the designers on display: forms and functions are blended to reveal the distinct peculiarities and common traits of contemporary attitudes. There is an implicit invitation to dialogue, as explained Aldo Pianca, president of Pianca and promotor of Pianca & Partners. “We think it is right to also give space to new talents in a key moment for the sector like September’s Milan Design Week” stated Pianca. “Emerging lines is a sign of our trust in design that goes beyond mere functionality, but one that feeds on research, experimentation and questions.”

So free reign was given to Giuseppe Arezza’s anthropological and artisanal approach, to Maddalena Selvini’s conscientious sustainability, and to the multidisciplinary and exquisitely empathetic style of Erica Agogliati and Francesca Avian for Flatwig Studio.

It is a fresh, light, and cultured take on daily living which focuses on natural or recycled materials, enveloping forms and unconventional comfort. It creates a home/refuge which takes care of the planet’s and our well-being without giving up on style.

Where: Pianca&Partners, via di Porta Tenaglia 7N3, Milano



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