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or lovers of beautiful tableware, incurable romantics or those passionate about simple classic design; this small shop in Munich, Germany will undoubtedly steal your hearts. And it’s called 1260 Grad, here “Grad” stands for the maximum firing temperature for ceramics; this is the adorable store/workshop of master ceramist Petra Fischer. Plates, bowls, cups, trays, jugs and vases, all pieces she makes by hand with great care, and they’re dishwasher and microwave safe, suitable for daily use.


1260 Grad’s small yet refined shop window with vases and bowls in glazed stoneware

1260 Grad’s small yet refined shop window with vases and bowls in glazed stoneware.


We’re in the Sedanstrasse in Haidhausen, one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Munich which has a succession of galleries, shops, pubs and fashionable restaurants. Referred to as the “French Quarter”, mainly because its streets and squares are named after transalpine locations. Here, like in France, everything revolves around the nearby Pariser Platz (lit. Paris square).


The entrance of 1260 Grad and Petra Fischer at the counter

The shop entrance and Petra Fischer who stands happily behind the counter.


Petra tells us that during her childhood she developed a passion for clay modelling and so, after leaving school, about to embark on a business economics course, she realised she wanted to be a master ceramist and began her apprenticeship. With this small shop round the corner from her home, Petra fulfilled her dream of being independent and free to pursue her passion.


Two examples of pretty window displays by Petra Fischer, 1260 Grad

Two examples of pretty window displays by Petra. Left-hand side, huge cutlery points to plates and glasses. Right-hand side, colourful cups in wooden fruit crates. Freshly picked! as the label says.

Pieces by Petra Fischer are in porcelain

Exquisite pieces printed with antique lace.


Pieces by Petra Fischer are in glazed stoneware or porcelain. Porcelain, once known as the white gold from China, was manufactured for the first time in Europe in 1708 by Meissner Manufaktur. Over time, it was replaced by mass-produced pottery and nowadays this ancient tradition survives thanks to artists and artisans like Petra. A clear example of this is the exquisite series printed with antique lace she has found in flea-markets and antique shops, or which she sometimes receives as a gifts from her most loyal customers.


Petra’s series in matt glazed stoneware is in 16 different colours.

Petra’s series in matt glazed stoneware comes in a choice of 16 different colours, which you can mix- and-match-together. 

The artist Petra Fischer at work making plates

The artist at work making plates. Right-hand side, Petra is removing the colour from a lace-printed plate.


Elegant and refined, but also simple and suitable for daily use, ceramic and porcelain sets by 1260 Grad evoke the kind of emotion you want to feel when you’re sitting around a table. Petra’s pieces are made with love. And indeed she loves everything about her job: her potter’s wheel, her counter for receiving clients and setting up her pretty window displays, because, like she tells us, her biggest pleasure comes from displaying the pieces just taken out of the hot kiln!



Store Infos

1260 Grad
Werkstatt für Keramik
Sedanstrasse 27, Munich, Germany
Tel: 0049 (0) 89 44770688
Email: p.fischer@1260Grad.de

Opening times:
Wed - Fri 12.00 – 18.30
Sat 11.00 – 14.00
Closed from Sundays to Tuesdays


Courtesy 1260 Grad
Credits Christine Bauer - Thomas Berberich - Mierswa-Kluska

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