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Versace Home, Vudafieri Saverino Partners (ph PaoloValentini)

| Designbest editorial staff


ith a façade marked by monumental ionic columns, a lavish staircase which lights up the entrance, and Versace’s irreverent and provocative soul which instantly appears in order to welcome its guests, there are all the typical elements of this brand in Milan’s new Versace Home boutique designed by the Vudafieri-Severino Partners architectural studio.

The space, created to host the brand’s furniture collections, recalls the large Versace residences with their combination of luxury and opulence, where classical architecture communicates with contemporaneity. Indeed, eclecticism is the keyword which has always moved this brand. And this first Home boutique, with over 500 sqm in the heart of the via Durini design street, is a glowing example.

In a prestigious and historic building, the strong visual impact of the design plays on heightened contradictions, contrasting stylistic codes, leaps through time and industrial reinterpretations. It is a mix of styles with the feel of innovation as it enhances the Versace Home collection which has been enlivened with new design projects from Ludovica and Roberto Palomba in collaboration with Donatella Versace and produced in partnership with Luxury Living Group.

From the outside, the building immediately stands out for its monumental façade with ionic columns and statues representing the arts, while the LED illuminated stairway hints at some of the impressions of the style indoors. It references the fashion world and the Versace brand, which gets displayed in the videos projected on the large screens and LED wall.

Laid out over two floors, the boutique is set up like a private residence with a sitting room, dining room, long corridors and a master suite with a living and sleeping area. Plus, it does not lack a secret garden which makes a surprise appearance during the “home” tour.

The elements of discontinuity and symbolism which are typical of Versace can be seen throughout the space: the gypsum frames on the wall which are almost casually decorated with gold-leaf patterns, the floors of the corridors which alternate polished and matte marble for a striking contrast, and curtains made with wire mesh panels recall industrial style in a unique way. Finally, touches of gold, Versace’s signature color, could not be missed, which stand out on the ceilings designed with backlit tiles and the expanded metal doors.

It is a game of iconic references and future projections, an intense mix of influences and an irreverent stylistic vocabulary which speaks the language of latest in luxury: an expression of seductive contemporaneity with a touch of the ancient.

Where: Versace Home, via Durini 11, Milan, Italy



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