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| Designbest editorial staff


hairs everywhere you turn: displayed on four stories along the wall, assembled around old tables lit by industrial lamps or as stand-alone pieces in the middle of the showroom. This is Viadukt*3, the hottest address in Zurich as far as vintage furniture goes. Opened as a side venture of the larger Bogen33, known for its iconic outdoor and indoor vintage furniture, Viadukt*3 has a simpler and more accessible soul. Plus, Viadukt*3 is in a perfect spot, under a viaduct, now a vital hub for the alternative people-oriented initiatives.


The showroom under the arched viaduct.

The showroom under the arched viaduct. Simple scaffolding is used as shelving.


The story which surrounds this viaduct in West Zürich, the coolest area at the moment, is both beautiful and complex. You just need to consider that this place didn’t exist before. In origin, it was part of the various embankments on which the first trains used to run, and it enclosed the city like a wall. In the late 19th century, it was converted into an arched viaduct and taken over by commercial premises. One hundred years later (approx. 20 years ago), a second development was proposed. With determination and typical Swiss organization, local residents opposed the project because instead of the umpteenth chic and exclusive shopping thoroughfare, they wanted creative workshops for kids, design studios, concert venues, second hand shops and also vintage furniture stores. 


Fabio Dubler is the mind and soul of Viadukt*3, an authentic self-made-man, both determined and optimist. He was 23 years old when in 2003 he opened his first store Bogen33, now a stone’s throw away from Viadukt*3. Fabio has always been attracted to reclaimed furniture with a certain handmade quality, and to the idea that it’s possible to decorate a home with beautiful durable pieces at an affordable price. So, Fabio jumped at the chance of making the most of this shared view.

Classic and functional chairs and tables in superior quality materials, mostly by Horgenglarus

Classic and functional chairs and tables in superior quality materials, the majority is by Swiss firm Horgenglarus.


The viaduct has exposed walls and vaults, scaffolding serves as shelving. Reclaimed furniture is mixed with new pieces, this timeless style pulls the two together, great quality furniture with simple and functional aesthetics.


Clients are invited to use the chairs and tables on display at Viadukt*3

Clients are invited to use the chairs and tables on display. At Viadukt*3, clients can sit anywhere they want and for as long as they like to understand what chair is right for them.


Zürich is known for its banks, assets and universities, and also for being the hometown of architect/ designer Max Bill, key name in contemporary art, well known around the world. However, Zürich is also home to an avant-garde cultural movement and to possibly the most informed and alternative youth in the whole of Switzerland. Fabio Dubler is part of this, and helped by his motto “learning by doing” he was able to set Viadukt*3 up (as well as Bogen33) in an effort to upcycle furniture, not destroying pieces which with some work could be put back in order and used for decades to come. This is his philosophy.



Store Infos

Tisch & Stuhl von Bogen 33

Viaduktstrasse 81, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland
Tel: 0041(0) 44 400 10 50
E-mail: info@viadukt3.ch

Opening times:
Tue - Fri 12.00 – 19.00
Sat 10.00 – 18.00
Closed on Mondays and Sundays


Photos: Courtesy Viadukt*3

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