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| Designbest editorial staff


street that had an important role in the history of Berlin, an impressive period building, and underneath large stone arches, two shop windows filled with vintage furniture chosen among the most refined examples of modern design. It’s impossible not to stop in front of n. 13 Chausseestrasse that since 2011 has been home to Holm Vintage, the mid-century modern interior design gallery started by two Berliners, passionate collectors of twentieth century Scandinavian and American design.


Holm Vintage in 13 Chausseestrasse, Berlin Mitte

The two large shop windows owned by Holm Vintage, located at n. 13 Chausseestrasse in Berlin Mitte in the Borsighaus, the former headquarters of the company Borsig,one of the biggest steam engine manufacturers of the twentieth century. Opposite the gallery, the house where Bertold Brecht lived in the ’50 and the Dorotheenstadt cemetery, which is his resting place among several illustrious personalities, from Hegel to Marcuse.


The two founding partners Frank Schumacher and Tobias Allan Fahrein, come from completely different walks of life, Frank is a doctor and Tobias is a graphic designer. A fate shared by most collectors, Frank and Tobias’ new life as gallery owners started when, after years spent studying and researching about design, their homes were overrun with their finds. But, by now it was unthinkable to stop hunting for loot among virtually worthless bric-a-brac, thus saving it from the scrap heap.


The gallery Holm Vintage in Berlin is a free-flowing space

The gallery is a free-flowing space, open from the street front to the internal courtyard; this gives an overview of the entire collection. In the centre, the gigantic lamp designed by Poul Henningsen and Kurt Nørregaard for Louis Poulsen.


Holm Vintage sells the original work of all the top Scandinavian and American designers of the twentieth century, like: Finn Juhl, Hans J. Wegner and Florence Knoll, Charles & Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen, George Nelson, Alvar Aalto, Poul Henningsen and many more besides, but the designer who ignited Tobias’ passion for vintage furniture was Poul Kjaerholm, known for his clean and elegant silhouettes. Poul Kjaerholm PK collection is currently manufactured by Fritz Hansen.


Chairs by Fritz Hansen, lamps by Louis Poulsen

Left-hand side image: Plycraft chair by Norman Cherner, Long John Bench by Edward Wormley and coffee tables by Mathieu Mategot are displayed on an early twentieth century Berber rug. Right-hand side image: furniture by Poul Kjaerholm for Kold Christensen and Fritz Hansen, lamp by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen.

vintage furniture at Holm Vintage in Berlin

Left-hand side, the Swedish armchair Pilot by Arne Norell, the German steel coffee table by Knut Hestergerg and the Danish sideboard FA 66 by Ib Kofod-Larsen with the lamp by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen. Right-hand side, the St. Catherina chair by Fritz Hansen, the PK61 coffee tables and the PK33 stool by Poul Kjaerholm, Daybed DeSede. The amazing Louis Poulsen lamps: the PH Contrast pendant lamp, the AJ Visor floor lamp and the desk lamp, some of them are still in production.


Holm Vintage couldn’t have found a more appropriate location. Situated in the heart of Berlin Mitte, at the beginning of the very long Chausseestrasse, now one of the most elegant neighbourhoods of the city, in an area that has always been intrinsically linked to the town’s history. In fact, during the nineteenth century industrial age, it was home place of the largest mechanical plants and, during the Berlin wall era, when this area was part of the DDR, there was a checkpoint on the border between the DDR and West Germany. With the best of twentieth century interior design, Holm Vintage contributes a piece to the puzzle.



Design project

Holm Vintage
Chausseestrasse 13, Berlin, Germany
Tel: 00 49 (0) 30 95 60 88 83
Email: contact@holmvintage.com

Opening hours:
Tue/ Thu/ Fri/ Sat 11.00 – 19.00
and on appointment


Courtesy Holm Vintage

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