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Materials and innovations

Glass Vademecum by Tonelli

2022 is the International Year of Glass and is being celebrated by the UN General Assembly throughout the world. Age-old yet always innovative, capable of shaping trends and exciting the senses, glass is an iconic material which stimulates touch, sight, hearing and even taste when it is used at the table.


Dining chairs: 4 tips for choosing the perfect ones

Choosing the right chair for the kitchen or dining room can be difficult due to the many options one has to consider. And we are not only speaking about style. On the one hand, chairs have to fit in with the table and the rest of the furniture....


Burglar-proof windows, just like that

When we think about making the home secure, the first thing that comes to mind is a solid security door. However, security must also include the windows. That’s why Di.Bi, a leading company in the production of anti-intrusion doors and systems, has made security elements for the windows...


5 ideas for “grown-up” kids’ room

The kids’ room must take care of their needs and grow along with them. And most of all, it must make them feel grown up and independent, like their own private world.


Time to change up the wardrobe

Let’s admit it. The ritual of switching out the clothes in the wardrobe is a hassle we would happily give up. Who knows why there is never enough space? Even if we meticulously apply the rules of decluttering...


The perfect kids’ room in 4 moves

We want a kids’ room that is elegant and versatile, colorful and spacious, with a large wardrobe and a comfortable desk.