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Bathroom radiators: all you need to know in 14 tips

| Designbest editorial staff


oes a bathroom radiator merely generate heat? How long for it to heat up? Is it electric or hydraulic? Is it eco-friendly too? What is it made of? Are you able to clean behind it? Is there a place to hang your towels and bathrobes? Could I install it over the bathtub?...
As a matter of fact, thanks to a vast selection of new products by the top brands in home-heating, a field in constant technological, functional and aesthetic evolution, choosing the right radiator for your bathroom generates many questions.

To go over the main features we need to consider to make an informed choice, we have created a gallery with 14 radiators, all of them focus on a particular aspect, from the type of supply to the heat output, from modular designs to ultra-functional accessories.

So, we’ve asked Miele Più, an expert of the field, to narrow down to 14 examples the main features as well as the pros and cons of bathroom radiators. Located in Atripalda, near Avellino, Miele Più is a large and well-stocked store with a seventy year-long experience in the world of bathroom interiors, hydraulics and plant engineering as well as an in-house team of expert professionals.

All details on Miele Più. La Scelta Infinita - Store Channel 


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