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| Designbest editorial staff


hoosing the right chair for the kitchen or dining room can be difficult due to the many options one has to consider. And we are not only speaking about style. On the one hand, chairs have to fit in with the table and the rest of the furniture (as for example with the sofa and armchairs in an opening-space living room); and on the other, they must have precise technical characteristics to make them comfortable and durable. That’s why Riflessi has chosen the most innovative technical solutions and best materials produced in Italy for its chairs.

Before purchasing the right seat, we need to evaluate specific features like: non-deformable padding which is resistant to pressure and wear, flexible backrests which adhere to the back’s movements, elastic bands which increase the comfort of the seating, and materials certified to be fireproof, stainproof and durable. Plus, we must also take our lifestyle into consideration. So, here are four practical examples for making the right decision:

1 Animals and children at home

Those with children and animals at home should pay the utmost attention to the upholstery. The best ones are durable, stainproof and easy-to-clean like the Smacchia fabric by Riflessi which gets clean with one swipe of a sponge. Equipped with a special technology and a protective layer in a synthetic fiber which acts as a resilient and flexible barrier, this material can be washed with just water and doesn’t fray (even in the case of cat clawing). Plus, the Smacchia fabric is also anti-static and impedes the accumulation of fur or bad odors coming from pets.

2 Undecided about the style?

There are countless colors on the market. To satisfy those who are undecided and to avoid having to upholster the chairs with various colors, Riflessi offers chairs in Smacchia fabric or artificial leather which can be freely mixed. It is not necessary to order a complete series of identical chairs, but you can order a Slim chair by color and freely mix them. If you wish, Riflessi even makes lots of slipcover models and even chairs with two-tone upholstery.

3 Refined comfort

If the seating and backrest are too rigid or soft, long-term comfort is affected. That’s why Riflessi has thought up a series of ergonomic chairs: the flexible Flex backrest is fit for the lumbar curvature, while the hidden elastic bands support the seat without ruining the chair’s look. There are also armchair models like Carmen, which has flexible polyurethane foam armrests to embrace the body and offer the most in comfort.

4 All-around customization

In a chair we would like tailormade quality, haute couture details, flexibility, comfort and ergonomics. From padded to stackable models, more “flexible” ones and multicolor ones, Riflessi offers many options in a wide-range of forms and colors. They encapsulate practicality and comfort in a contemporary look in order to respond to any need. And still, Riflessi’s work doesn’t end there. In order to please everyone, it offers customization in every way possible. Because in the end, the choice of a chair is dictated by one’s personal taste and furniture needs, but the details are what always make the difference. And having a unique and custom model is a question of style.



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