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Dining room lighting: 10 examples to choose from

| Designbest editorial staff


ighting your table correctly is essential if you wish to turn dinnertime into a joyous occasion to be shared with others, and make the wonderful food you have prepared shine. Choosing the right lamp, aside from being a matter of aesthetics and style, is however, first and foremost, a matter of light. If you’d like to see more than just your plate when sitting down at the table, you can use lighting to create the right mood, which according the type of lamp you choose can be more fun and easygoing, more dramatic or more intimate and poetic. Lighting design can be divided into two main categories: direct light, in other words the light that projects directly onto the table without artificial reflections and is ideal for a more intimate setting, and diffused or indirect light that reflects from a wall or the ceiling. However, these macro-categories include many different styles, which can be paired with a variety of different lamps for just as many moods. This will satisfy your needs, as well as being suitable for many different occasions, from a romantic dinner to a party with friends. 

Learn more about these 10 different lamp styles and their respective features, BROWSE THE TUTORIAL:


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