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Burglar-proof windows, just like that

| Designbest editorial staff


hen we think about making the home secure, the first thing that comes to mind is a solid security door. However, security must also include the windows. That’s why Di.Bi, a leading company in the production of anti-intrusion doors and systems, has made security elements for the windows (with class 3 anti-intrusion) for over 30 years. Take the Briareo extendable grilles, which are fit for any window (or French door) and any style. They come in many colors and, in contrast with ugly bars, can be opened when they are not needed and don’t ruin the window’s look. Let’s check their strengths and we can use them.

Where can security grilles be placed?

The Briareo steel grills are “universal” as they fit any type of window or French door. Not only can the dimensions be chosen (width from 60 cm to 124 cm and height from 60 cm to 184 cm for single leaf extendable grilles, width from 120 cm to-229 cm and height from 180 cm to 280 cm for double leaf extendable grilles), but also the opening, finishing and color.

How do they work?

The Briareo extendable grilles have a sliding system with an accordion opening, carter and an upper guide rail for a free, fluid and unencumbered passage. This allows one to keep them open when they are not needed, and therefore keep the aesthetics of the window intact, without blocking the passage of air and light. Plus, all the grilles have a European cylinder lock on the semi-fixed jamb and a European cylinder with a key plus three another three keys. Every model can be equipped with a master key for using the same key for opening more than one element.

Are the extendable security grilles certified?

All the Briareo extendable security grilles are class-3, anti-intrusion certified.

How are the grilles installed?

The installation of the grilles is simple. All you need to do is follow the instruction manual or watch the video tutorial (on dibigroup.com) which shows the tools that need to be used.

How does one choose the best grille?

On Di.Bi.’s website each grille model has its own dedicated installation video tutorial and a special purchasing guide which not only shows the measurements one needs to take before purchase, but also the options for the configuration of one’s ideal grille. Plus, the brand offers technical support via mail or chat.

Are there incentives for buying extendable security grilles?

Yes, these systems are included in the VAT or Renovation Bonus incentives



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