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Moretti Compact

| Designbest editorial staff


he kids’ room must take care of their needs and grow along with them. And most of all, it must make them feel grown up and independent, like their own private world. That’s why it is a good idea to focus on comfortable and versatile furniture that is capable of cleverly transforming the space. This is just the case with these proposals from Moretti Compact, which is suggesting five must-have pieces for all ages. In one fell swoop, they offer two ingredients for creating a comfortable room: tidiness and freedom.


A queen-size bed

At times all you need to do is make the bed larger to make the kids feel bigger. And what about comfort? The dimension of a queen-size bed is on average 120 x 190/200 cm. This is just what is needed for adolescents, who often turn their beds into multitasking islands where they can chat with friends, have a snack in front of the computer and study with their books tossed about. And with a padded headboard it becomes a genuine haven of relaxation.

moretti compact

Moretti Compact - Young Collection

The wardrobe with sliding doors

Space is precious (and always too little). That’s why it is necessary to focus on lightness and practicality when furnishing the kids’ room. Opting for a tall wardrobe with sliding doors is a space-saving trick. Even with the bed near the wardrobe, the look is spacious and tidy.

moretti compact

Moretti Compact - Young Collection, Slider wardrobe

The angled closet

Let’s admit it. We all (with no age limits) dream of having a walk-in closet where we can calmly choose our outfits and even try them on in privacy. Well, the ideal solution and space for getting changed is a closet that takes advantage of the corner with shelves and bars.

moretti compact

Moretti Compact - Vogue Collection

The separated study area

As they grow up, children need a more and more organized home-working space. In place of a simple desk, it is best to organize a separate study area away from the sleeping area. With a lofted bed you can create another room with a desk and bookshelf where everything is nearby without creating a mess. Without taking up too much space, it is perfect for studying and doing homework with a certain amount of privacy.

moretti compact

Moretti Compact - Young Collection

A vanity or gaming area

A small space dedicated to the kids’ beauty routine is more suited for girls, but could also work for boys as a gaming area. Plus, it solves the problem of the bathroom always being occupied. To create a small vanity area, all it takes is a shelf with a makeup drawer or a dresser which can be matched to a mirror. And if the boys don’t like it, you can opt for a more hi-tech piece of furniture where a computer, stereo and decoder can be placed.

moretti compact

Moretti Compact - Kids Collection

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