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Freestanding bathtubs: practicality and beauty in 10 examples

| Designbest editorial staff


reestanding bathtubs are extraordinarily evocative and are the ultimate luxury with their profusion of sweet scents and bubbles, often found in bathrooms that are the same size as living rooms. However, the reality of looking for the right bathtub is in sharp contrast with its fairytale image. In fact, there are several scaled-down versions on the market, especially designed for small bathrooms, and versatile bathtubs that can be assembled flush to the wall. A freestanding bathtub is literally a load-bearing structure that’s neither recessed nor boxed-in. Plus, freestanding bathtubs seem visually lighter and more portable than conventional designs, even though they have fixed plumbing. There are many styles to choose from like oval, square or irregularly shaped tubs, manufactured in just as many materials. In recent years, resins have replaced traditional ceramics and they include the popular Corian as well as the sustainable Cristalplant. There are versions in steel, cast iron and acrylic too, available in a matt or a glossy finish and in many different colours.
So, we’ve asked Simona Tanto, store manager and interior designer, to guide us through the different styles of freestanding bathtubs available on the market, and to illustrate their main features.  



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