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Headboards, 10 features you need to look out for

| Designbest editorial staff


he headboard is the part that most defines the bed. Manufactured in a vast range of materials, the headboard illustrates our personal style and dialogues with the surrounding environment, in a sense the headboard is “the face” of the bed itself. The headboard complements the overall look of the bedroom, as well being essential for our personal comfort. The way we sit down, the fact that we like to read a book or watch TV in bed at night, or that we like to have breakfast in bed in the morning. There are many different styles to choose from, from simple aesthetics to more sophisticated designs, available in a vast range of materials, anything from fabric to leather, and from timber to composite materials.

So, we’ve asked Antonio Ginardi, the owner of Ginardi Arredamenti, to guide us through the different styles of headboards available on the market, and to help us pick one that’s best suited for our needs. Located in the centre of Rome, for over 50 years the interior design store Ginardi Arredamenti has been bringing to its clientele top quality designer furniture. 

All the details are available on Ginardi Arredamenti- Store Channel  


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