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Mini-kitchens: 10 smart ideas for small spaces

| Designbest editorial staff


iny spaces, mini-kitchens! In the past, mini-kitchens used to be found solely in service flats or holiday homes, that is to say short-stay apartments. In recent years however, there has been a rising demand for mini-kitchens especially in the city, where due to an increase in prices people have adapted to living in smaller homes. More people than ever now live in open-plan apartments, and are looking for multifunctional furniture that will adapt as the day progresses and on occasion blend in the background too. The world of interior design didn’t wait long to catch up with this trend, and the considerable improvements made as regards to aesthetics and function reserve a few surprises. Mini-kitchens have evolved from temporary kitchenettes into cutting-edge designs, equipped with all modern cons and definitely worthy of a beautiful home.

So, we’ve asked Paolo Sereno of Sereno what are the best innovative space-saving kitchens around. With over 8.000 sqm of floor space, the interior design store Sereno, located near Cuneo, northwest Italy, offers the best on the interior design scene and with its bespoke joinery service aims to satisfy the needs of every client.

All details on Sereno - Store Channel


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