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Sauna: what's the right one? Well-being in 10 examples

| Designbest editorial staff


aunas present your daily does of personal wellbeing, health, relaxation and revitalisation. There are countless health benefits. Nowadays, owning a sauna isn’t just a dream for the lucky few, in fact, thanks to new technology and a modern use of materials, buying and the consequent upkeep of a sauna comes at an affordable prize. Saunas come in different sizes, can be made to measure or can have a modular structure that can be adjusted to any space requirement.

We’ve asked Alfonso Marmorino of MAM- la Bottega, to illustrate the main properties of a sauna and what you need to know before installing one at home. On the outskirts of Naples, the interior design showroom MAM- la Bottega focuses on customer satisfaction and immediate gratification.
A great expert on home automation, Alfonso Marmorino considers the broader aspects of personal wellbeing, which includes everything that can help to improve the quality of your everyday life. And for a smart and restful home, let us take a look at 10 examples of the latest modern saunas.

All details on MAM la Bottega - Store Channel


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